The Island

There’s nothing more satisfying than working with a wonderful author. S. Usher Evans has been a friend of Backlit Web longer than I can remember, twitter time, but now she has a new book! Let’s hear the news from Ms. Evans herself:   Introducing the brand-spankin’ new cover for The Island, made by Anita over at About the Book … Read on

Taste the Rainbow: Why I Decided to Go to Sasquan

We split ourselves, for ease and genre. What do you read? Everything, but mostly scifi. Speculative fiction doesn’t cut it. Fantasy is science fiction in the broad scheme. The writing guild is Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, after all. But we’ll take it further than that. I’m about to head to Sasquan, this year’s World Science Fiction Convention and … Read on

Prejudice, Experience, and Education

I can’t afford the price of selfishness. Seeing more of the world, both in person and through the eyes of new-found internet friends, educates me and makes sitting in my comfortable life a little less easy. Sometimes it adds discontentedness to the equation, for example when point A is children in my own country going without food. I’m willing to … Read on

Effect vs. Affect: On Character Agency

Agency is a big issue for people writing young adult and new adult novels these days. Sometimes it’s described by writers as the main characters ability to make choices inside the plot. More interestingly, a character’s agency is most often described (or defended) as the innate ability a character has to make choices, an assessment that ironically removes agency when … Read on