Hey, where’ve you been?

If you’re like me, you’ve been writing late into the night, and editing another book. Leaving Olivia’s Army to settle for a few weeks. This offers me more perspective to take another run at editing. Also, the lovely ladies who do the first round of critiquing have put so much work into helping get Olivia ready for everyone to see.

The final chapter of Olivia’s Realm completed last week. The story is wrapped up, but also needs to settle before I take another read. Then to more readers 😉 It’s a big read-fest around here.

So what have I been up to? Well, after I received my “no thank you” letter from HarperCollins Voyager, I was a at once relieved and so very sad to miss out on reaching the readers HarperCollins can find for a story. But the relief? You might think this is odd, but I was glad to continue my sci-fi universe. I’m heavily invested in asteroid mining. Haha, you know, I am. But I enjoy the possibilities and the crazy real-life-science being applied to the projects that were once only science fiction.

But for me? I believe you’ll never keep people out of space and a rejection letter from HarperCollins gives me the freedom to continue writing about Mahjeet, Muktjeet and all the rest. *hint hint for the next round of books*

Does that mean I’m all on board the indie train? Not quite yet, I’ve entered another contest and will submit this story to one more company before releasing it into the wild world. Even if the chances of winning a contest are very, very small, I love the idea of finding an audience and making a connection with a whole new set of readers.

On a different note, I gave flash fiction a shot last weekend. This month is NPR’s Three Minute Fiction contest. If you’ve never listened, take a moment. These stories are fully formed realities that take fewer than three minutes to tell. They can make you laugh or think with those 600 words. I hope to be one of the few who can draw the reader in with my story.