TrojanWarSliderscopyThree years ago I started a novel. It turned into Rock Hopper. Half way through Rock Hopper, I wrote Olivia’s Field, but I kept returning to the Trojan War universe to write more about Rock Hopper’s characters. They had reasons for the choices they made. Most of those reasons never made it into Rock Hopper because too much “explain-y bits” make for dull plot progress. But I kept writing them.

The stories weren’t short. The drama surrounding a legacy space family’s rise to prominence is rarely told in 8,000 words. Mahjeet wouldn’t let his story go. Neither would Ken or James or Jolise. They weren’t the main characters, but they affected the protagonists. These stories became books.

For this reason, even if an agent or publisher loves Rock Hopper, I want to keep writing in this universe. Not a bout Muk, Vits and Alind, but about everyone. The before and the after.

The work is too much in me. I am going to write it before I continue with other projects. So…

Watch this blog for space opera announcements in 2015-2016.