Editing is making my eyes cross. The SciFi continues and has many more beta readers than anticipated. I’m enjoying the differing points of view. The best part for me is when the characters take the readers and they slow down the editing, to focus on plot. Specifically, yelling at the book in review bubbles as I once Olivia's fieldyelled at characters in “Bubba Hotep.”

Fantastic examples :

  • “You will not go in that airlock!”
  • “He’d better show some humility.”
  • “No, you didn’t!”
  • “What? Who…” **That’s a spoiler, I can’t tell you the rest of that sentence.
  • “WTF, can’t she see what he’s doing?”

That is really fantastic. It’s why I started writing. I’m not looking to make money or get on any best sellers lists. I’m writing because someone, even just one or two people who I coerced into reading my work with the promise of cake (and yes, the cake is real…man, you’re paranoid), got into it and wanted more.

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