If you look at the words, you know that editing and formatting are different processes. What I had not anticipated was that my perfectionist brain continues to edit while formatting. This means multiple versions of the same document with miniscule changes all over my desktop. I’m assuming the one in the epub formatter is the one to go with and the others are me updating as I go. But can I trust my gut on this one?

Maybe it all comes down to editing. Professional editing is a must. I can do a little html pseudo wizardry once we have a finalized version, but editing is an eternal process that constantly changes a story. Then there are so many different readers out there who have different ereaders.

My goal is to format and publish a short story in the next ten days. It’s a fun YA geared toward my niece, a soon-to-be twelve year old girl. I’ll publish on Nook, Kindle, iBooks and so many more. Let’s hope I can finish editing and format in time for her birthday!