winter-solstice-tree-galleryToday is the shortest of the year! Enjoy it while it lasts. More importantly, I hope the night and darkness give you time to reflect and enjoy those closest to you. What matter most and how close are you holding it when we are cold and huddled?

To that end, Rock Hopper’s penultimate editing┬áreached its conclusion late last night. I spent nearly a full extra month editing Rock Hopper to make it ready . I’m very excited to say that I’m handing this political scifi off to a very kind copy editor and ready to move forward with other projects. But to what?

Expect a book trailer and a cover reveal in early 2015. Rock Hopper has occupied my last two years in a big way and sharing it is on my agenda. I would also like to finish the Olivia’s Field podcast. I’ve borrowed this microphone far too long.


But back to my fall accomplishment. What is Rock Hopper? You might have seen mention of “the scifi” I was working on. Well, have been working on since summer 2012. This is it! We have an entire universe where humans have left Earth, and most of them don’t go back. Ever. Enter our heroes and their different ways of looking at life.

Everyone has an agenda of their own, how they get there is another matter. The ride is the journey.