Urban Fantasy and Science Fiction

Olivia's Filed

The Olivia’s Realm podcast is a serial drama told by Olivia as she tries to escape small town life while discovering there might be more to her little street than she’d ever imagined.

Olivia’s drawn to the field in a way she’s never wanted anything before. And what’s more? The field wants her, too. What will it do to her? Will the Field let her go?

Trojan Wars

Muk would work farmlettes, fix air systems, administer last rights, whatever people need. Helping was her calling and she had trained four years to do it. Unfortunately, her grandfather promised to marry Muk off to seal a deal. After all, she was the closest thing the Belt had to a princess. Isn’t that what princesses really do?

We the people

Sunday knows the way to water. My son needs a drink bad. We’ll follow her and live. The Old Soldier can keep us safe the whole way if we stay with him.

We have to make it, no matter what. Trust Sunday. Trust the Old Soldier.

About Us

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From Our Blog

Effect vs. Affect: On Character Agency

Agency is a big issue for people writing young adult and new adult novels these days. Sometimes it’s described by writers as the main characters ability to make choices inside the plot. More interestingly, a character’s agency is most often described (or defended) as...

Calluses: Horses & Keyboards, a mixed metaphor

I have calluses. We all do. Some on the feet or elbows, maybe on your hands if you’re the outdoorsy type. I’m not the out-of-the-house sort by nature, but I’ve worked in barns for years and earned some calluses. I work in t-shirts when it’s technically freezing...

Resolution: Doing

We're all singing the song of doing these days. We have things we'll do better, stop doing, things we do that we'll improve upon. We've cleaned out houses and minds and are ready for the days ahead. Fresh attitude. Fresh outlook. Fresh To Do list. I have a...

Vote for a cover

Rock Hopper is in its penultimate editing phase, which means we need to pick a cover. These are not the final versions, but are edging that direction. Which style do you prefer?            

Happy Winter Solstice!

Today is the shortest of the year! Enjoy it while it lasts. More importantly, I hope the night and darkness give you time to reflect and enjoy those closest to you. What matter most and how close are you holding it when we are cold and huddled? To that end, Rock...

Learning and Growing

I've read a lot of "how to write" blogs in the last three years. Many of them are by people who have written a book or two that are out in the world to check out! Many of them are by people who have fewer than one book under their belts. I trust these less. I have to...