ganbatte_by_akagitaa-d42cbe5We’re all singing the song of doing these days. We have things we’ll do better, stop doing, things we do that we’ll improve upon. We’ve cleaned out houses and minds and are ready for the days ahead. Fresh attitude. Fresh outlook.

Fresh To Do list.

I have a month-by-month plan. It’s a good plan. It will unravel if I start working 3 days a week in the library as I hope to do, but if I don’t, well, the plan is a good one.

Immediately upon creating the plan, I was side-tracked by a project from 2012 that I feel confident in achieving this year. It will knock some of the to-do items off the 2015 list or it will be glorious. Will I try? Yes I will.

This time last year I thought I would have Rock Hopper on the web by Winter Solstice. I was wrong. But it’s going to be better for it. I see no reason to hold back, so long as I keep moving forward.