Funny thing happened on the way to the computer this week folks: Norovirus. I love my friends, so I’m keeping down low for a while. In that vein, a numerical recap:

  1. Re-editing Olivia’s Field with the intention of querying *eep!*
  2. Toying with the idea of a nom-de-plum for the sci-fi to separate that audience from the Olivia readers. The books are very different.
  3. Websites! Uh, what do you think about separate portals for separate types of adventures? There are, as you may have notices, many different types of ideas in my head.
  4. The Grande Pursuit of traditional publication or, mayhap, write everything and anything I want with variable editors.
  5. Oh! I have an editor for Olivia’s Realm.
  6. I’m expecting 3, yup, T-H-R-E-E submission results this week. Nail biting!
  7. I’ve received one call for the MG Sci-Fi mystery. Anyone else want to weigh in on the next project?
  8. Finally, how do you feel about short stories? I love them. They’re about my speed for time availability reading. But would you buy one/a collection? I have some in the hopper. Which is to say, they’re written, but not edited.
  9. My newest Geek Love is “PBS Idea Chanel.” If you haven’t watched, do. Really. Now. It’s awesome. But then, i’m a little addicted to youtube channels. Again, just my attention span/time available. Maybe time available and attention span are one. Think about it.

Maybe this is over-sharing, but it’s the crazy that’s on my mind. 🙂 I’d love to hear from you.