all-the-thingsThis month I wrote three short stories. I continue to edit Olivia’s Realm, but my goal is to have these three new short stories edited and out the door by the end of the month.

But why?

Partly because I was approached to write one of the stories. Partly because I have been revising Olivia’s Realm for nearly three months. The chance to do something new was so exciting that I wrote two stories when asked to write one! It was easy to imagine and create something new. There’s no drudgery or brain-telling-me-I-already-did-this in shiney new ideas.

You see, the kicker in writing is finishing the editing . We need to get a good copy out to the world.

I spent almost a week thinking about the topic, and wondering if I could write on it. I’ll call the day I started planning to actually write it Day 1. Remember my real life gets in the way, so writing Day 2 might be actual Day 5 and who knows what stray thoughts were pulled into the story subconsciously in between. Here’s my process, for those who are interested. Remember each story is between 10 and 16 pages long (5000 to 8000 words). Here Goes:

Day 1: Figure out the narrative structure, then research the first story. Put stray thoughts about the second story on a separate page.
Day 2: Write Story 1.
Day 3: Write Story 2’s first draft . Edit the first story.
Day 4: Finish Story 2’s first draft. Finish editing Story 1. (See how writing came before editing?)
Day 5: Put the whole mess aside and play on the internet. Discover thematic submission request. Research.
Day 6: Research. Play on the internet and have coffee with IRL friends.
Day 7: Edit Story 2. Print Story 1.
Day8: Update computer copy of Story 2. Edit Story 1 on paper.
Day 9: Write short Story 3. Finish editing Story 1 on paper.
Day 10: Edit Story 2 on paper. Revise Story 3.
Day 11: Update computer copy of Story 2. Update computer copy Story 1. (This is an ALL DAY process.)
Day 12: Revise Story 3. Send Story 1 and Story 2 to beta readers.
Day 13: Print Story 3. Edit. Play on the internet because you’re running out of editing steam.
Day 14: Update Story 3 on the screen. Tap fingers waiting for email from betas. OK. Edit the Big Book (Olivia).
Day 15: Read beta comments. Sit on that a while and keep editing. Head down. Edit the Big Book, you! OK edit Story 3, I know you want to.
Day 16: Impliment changes based on Beta Edits. Print. Read aloud. Fix. Move Story 3 edits to computer.
Day 17: Give Story 1 & 2 to trusted copy editor. Send Story 3 to betas who are still willing to read.
Day 18: Edit Big Book.
Day 19: Make copy edit changes to Stories 1&2. Send where each needs to go. Send gracious thank yous.
Day 20: Make changes based on Beta edits of Story 3. Fix computer copy, print. Read aloud. Fix. Send to copy editor.
Day 21: Make Copy Edit changes to Story 3. Read aloud. Send off if OK. Fix otherwise.
Day 22: Send gracious thank yous with “it’s off!” update.
Day 23: Crash and absorb media. See friends. Thank everyone profusely.

Glory in the fact you wrote three short stories in less than a month. Thank you so much to my Beta Readers and my Alpha test subjects. You are amazing people. Thank you for giving me another chance, every time.

Also, thank you to Allie Brosh for bringing Hyperbole and a Half into creation so that “all the Things” memes can exist. If you haven’t read her book or blog, please do. She’s honest and amazing, touching and hilarious and deserves kudos for her work.