Certain times of night demand reflection. On a night without even a moon or could in the sky, I think about the wonders of the universe. As my current project enters another round of editing, I’m so grateful for the people who have offered their feedback on the project. Feedback is hard work. Never underestimate how much time it takes to read, digest, consider and explain your educated opinion. Also, remember how much your time, effort, and opinions mean to the author you are reading for.

My current readers are not scifi people, though there is a speculative fiction devotee among them. (They are not the same thing; don’t get the librarian in me started.) My point is that I’m taking these wonderful people out of their preferred reading zone and into a potentially boring area. And then I want them to give honest feedback based on their reading experience. Thank you to each reader who gave it their best and read some, all, or even a little bit of the scifi I sent. It really means the world to me. Thanks for giving your time and mental energy to reading scifi.

Remember, the best ways to support your local indie author are

  1. Read the book ;-). If you like it, tell your friends about it.
  2. Give Amazon feedback (or on Smashwords or Barnes and Noble). Like the book on facebook, StumbleUpon, tumblr, twitter, or another site. Writing can’t improve or continue without an audience to read it. The more feedback posted online, the more people will give that book a try.
  3. Read more. Read the authors you love. Read what everyone’s recommending. Also, read a story that’s a little out of your comfort zone. If everyone who read that book before gave feedback, you’ll be able to find a pretty good book to experiment with.Ask for your fave author at national bookstores, or the big locals. I’m a Pacific North westerner, I walk into Powells and ask for the authors I <3 even if I”m pretty sure they don’t have them. The cashier or customer service rep will almost always write the request down. If enough people ask, you can bet that author will be stocked.

That being said, have you read Olivia’s Field? Give a girl a break and leave feedback! Feedback on this blog, amazon.com, or a social media site is the only way I’ll know what you liked or did not like in Olivia’s Field. More importantly, do you want more? Olivia’s Field is a novella, approximately 100 pages in paperback form, but do you want more?