leads from the cockpit, but he’s a family man at heart.


if you’re a genius and you know it, manipulate.


Learns as she goes, finding herself.

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Olivia’sĀ Field is the first story in Olivia’s Realm and follows the story of Olivia’s interactions with the field and her town in greater depth. Here is a compilation from different medias about what people had to say about Olivia’s Field:

I loved this book

(5 Amazon stars rating)

I loved this book! The imagery and the beauty that your mind creates while reading it. Also I loved the story progression, it kept you wondering what was happening next.
I wanted to be in the field with Olivia and all the characters there. You need to experience this for yourself. Such a magical experience.


Urban Elementalism

(5 Amazon stars rating)

What starts as a grassroots urban renewal project, quickly turns into a paranormal mystery. I like urban elementalism, and anything that has to do with urban places generating mystical force. The author uses those contrivances in the story well, making the confluence of them dangerous, like I think they would be. But, she does it in such a way that the reader is able to draw their own conclusions, without getting preachy, or driving a particular agenda. Pleasantly surprised.

A. Walker