Working through this scifi brought me to a new place. This story is epic, old school. Interestingly I wrote the follow up book first. I knew where the story was going that far out. I know the characters, the world, even what to say and where the tropes and trama goes.

What I don’ t know is how it’s going to relate to a reader. I don’t know for sure how to “do it right.” So I’m going to write. I’m writing without a net, until I get the first draft a little cleaner, I’m writing without a beta reader. I’ve never done this before. Usually there are three or four people sending back drafts that say, “No! You didn’t!” And that’s very gratifying. It also makes me smile when I do something evil. It’s also the reason that the second Olivia’s Realm book is still in process. I wrote three books, and the second didn’t sit right. I would love to send it out, but it’s not right yet.

At the end of February I’m sending to three tried and true beta readers whose honesty I love. I’ll sit on the feedback and probably work with their commentary through March and maybe April before giving the scifi another run through.

In the mean time, expect an Olivia’s Field┬ápaperback and audiobook. The second Olivia’s Realm book will come out soon, too. It needs to “percolate and distill” a little. I’m going to boil it down to it’s essence before sending out to my friends on the internet.