Who knew that such insecurity could spring from small points. For example, young adult writing is teeming with 1st person point of view. Carefully note, that the most prolific area for a 1st person point of view is the female-centric YA. Let’s look at urban fantasy for a moment. It’s an area more across the board between first person and omniscient narrator. So when I began writing an urban fantasy story pointed toward the young teen female audience, I was at a loss for a couple days from a strictly point of view problem. Of course I wanted to write it “right.” But what’s that? Should there be a little omniscient narration to help things along, or filter it all through the mind and eyes of a female protagonist? Well, we’ll soon see.

I’ve re-edited the outline and am ready to write. Guess it’s time to stop blogging and get on with the fun!