Let’s talk about leaving reviews. Please, please, if you read a book and you loved it, hated it, hated that you loved it, or couldn’t finish it, leave a review. Authors live to find out what people think of their work and only the most base will argue with your opinion. Because that’s what a review is: your opinion. Don’t let a cadre of bullies, fans, or the author’s aunties and brothers scare you off of your opinion. The truth is more important to the next reader than you’ll ever know.

Think about it. You read a book, maybe it has five total reviews. Maybe it has 234. But when you see the number of  ★ in these reviews, you make an assumption about that book. I hope it’s a good, accurate assumption. If each reviewer was honest, it will be. I’d go to Goodreads for honest reviews. Why? Amazon doesn’t permit authors to post reviews in their own genre. What does that mean for you, the reader? It means that someone who has read a lot, and I mean So Many You’d Wonder If This Person Has A Social Life. Trust me, author’s know their genre or they aren’t worth reading.

So here we are. Goodreads lets everyone review honestly, Amazon doesn’t allow authors to review in their genre and Barnes and Noble? It can be useful. But there are also people playing games on Barnes and Noble where they leave phoney reviews with clues for one another.

It Doesn't matter what other people think about you.

So please, leave a good, by which I mean honest, review. If you hate a book, let the next reader know why. If you love a book, sing it’s praises loud for all to hear. We’ll never know a books true value without reviews, particularly those with the proper number of stars. One star with “I loved it” as the review doesn’t help readers. Worries about shipping or how long it took to reach your eReader don’t help.

I’m making new phrases. I think you’ll like them. Let’s all work together to make the common usage.

“Grammar issues are like cockroaches. If you see one, there are a hundred more hidden inside.”

“Plot bunnies gone wild leave everyone unsatisfied. I’d rather hug them and love them and see them sleep peacefully.”

See where I’m going with this? The reader needs to know if the plot and grammar are tidy before picking up the book. Additionally, I love, love, love a lot of fandoms, but I like them in that fandom. If you see a plot or a bunch of characters that are exactly like last years break-out-book-made-movie, I want to know so I can avoid that book. If the book has really bad science, I want to know.

Help me out here. Leave an honest review. Don’t engage the bullies, even if the bully is the author. You’re the owner of your opinion.