Hope you had a wonderful holiday season!~

New Years resolutions: Write every day, even if it’s not productive in the “publishable” way. Art for art’s sake and practice makes perfect and every other applicable saying and meme go right here.

There’s news! I’m about a third of the way into the new Oliva’s Realm book, and it’s very exciting.  The working title is Olivia’s Dominion and wouldn’t you know, Olivia’s got a bit more attitude now that she’s adjusting to her life. The current plan is that Olivia’s Domain will be available for critiquing at the end of the month.  W00T!

On other fronts, while starting up sci-fi research I had a brainstorm! It might be that while looking for the background for Mahjeet’s story, an MG murder mystery could have accidentally developed. We’ll have to see if that materializes. I’m one of those people who has more ideas than time, so the fantastic idea will go right into my journal for use at a later date.

In other news, Harper Collins Voyager accepted a WHOLE auditorium full of submissions last October. Like the rock stars they are, the AU, UK and US offices went through them together and discovered that they wanted to personalize their responses. *insert some headbanging happiness here* That means even if you didn’t end up on the short list, you’d know that you weren’t their cup of java. Originally the most awesome would hear back from HCV by today. Did I mention there were a TON of submissions? One commenter mentioned that based on the numbers reported on their blog, Harper-Collins Voyager staff in those three offices would be reading some/skimming/ considering 50 manuscripts a day! Imagine! Even spread over three offices, that’s a lot of reading. And how do you find the best of the best in a pile of hopes and dreams? But along with the fantastical “no thank you” letters, those still in consideration will be receiving their status update sometimes in January 2014. According to the comments I read this morning at least one round of “please keep at it, but we would like to pass for today,” letters went out on January 8th.

At this point, with each obsessive send/receive tap, I hope that the little pause before my email arrives is my digital ticket out of limbo. I’ll wait as long as it takes. Rain or shine, rejection or “we’re thinking about it,” I have plans either way. I feel I can stand on my own, but wouldn’t it be awesome to get the nod from a large-scale publisher?