I can’t believe how much I’ve learned in the last two weeks. The Sci-Fi, as I keep calling it, has been through it’s first beta reading and editing. It’s on Beta Reading II. Is that Alpha Reading?? Anyway, the persistent response is positive. I’m going for it! I’ve tried a few agents and received a few rejections. From the beginning I’ve wondered if self publishing was a way to go for the average author. So I read a lot of blogs and statistics and blogs and agent websites and publisher’s sites and blogs, and the Writer’s Market and legitimate news sources.

What did it come to in the end? Well, obviously I want to reach a big audience to find those people who are interested in reading what I have available to write.

There is a lot of competition. Buy a book at the bookstore and 3 out of 10 times the person behind the register is writing a novel. So’s the barista. And your neighbor. And my neighbor. Here’s the thing: I’ve found indie authors who I love reading by searching through the genres I love.

I know that not everyone is as singleminded as I am in their おたく like pursuit and マニア for their beloved stories, but I am. And I love people who are passionate about their stories. I become so excited talking about the geekery I love and I want to reach people who love the geek. Now how?

Diversity. I will write what I love. All those crazy things I love. Except for copy written work or characters other people have created. There are plenty of people doing that and thank you so much.  For without Rationalist Harry Potter many a boring train ride would have remained mind-numbing.

Prolificity. Not a word! But what I mean, if I follow the story and get it out for everyone, something might be just what a reader is looking for and they  might have plumbed the search engine far enough to find me. Maybe? I’ll keep trying. Can’t hurt.

End result: I’m putting out feelers to the agents who represent what I want to write. 4,563 people and I made a try for the HarperCollins Voyager eBook publishing opportunity earlier this week. I’ll put together a cover and an ad just in case I’m not one of the lucky..wait, they never said how many they were looking for, just that they wanted to release a book a month. So I’ll know by January 15 if “They really like me.” Otherwise, I’ll be seeing you in the indie files on January 16 with a fantastic scifi on the epic scale.