I decided on a real whim to take a try in Pitch Wars. If any of the really talented ladies who I queried is interested in my work, I’ll probably do a little happy dance. Too bad you can’t see a happy dance through a blog post, ‘cuz I have a pretty awesome, though totally uncoordinated happy dance.  What does this mean? I’m thinking of querying Olivia. It’s out there in the world, so why not get a few well-read eyes on it?

I know that Olivia’s Field is different. It’s what I wanted to read when I was in junior high. I was just moving from Sweet Valley to Crichton and Pierce Anthony at the time and Olivia’s Field would have been a great in between for me. I would have died to have found a paranormal romance (just like the high school girls read –squeeee) that wasn’t too far outside my still-little-girl comfort zone. I mean, I was reading Interview with a Vampire when I was 12. 🙂 If you can’t find it, write it!