Urban Fantasy and Science Fiction

Olivia's Filed

The Olivia’s Realm podcast is a serial drama told by Olivia as she tries to escape small town life while discovering there might be more to her little street than she’d ever imagined.

Olivia’s drawn to the field in a way she’s never wanted anything before. And what’s more? The field wants her, too. What will it do to her? Will the Field let her go?

Trojan Wars

Muk would work farmlettes, fix air systems, administer last rights, whatever people need. Helping was her calling and she had trained four years to do it. Unfortunately, her grandfather promised to marry Muk off to seal a deal. After all, she was the closest thing the Belt had to a princess. Isn’t that what princesses really do?

We the people

Sunday knows the way to water. My son needs a drink bad. We’ll follow her and live. The Old Soldier can keep us safe the whole way if we stay with him.

We have to make it, no matter what. Trust Sunday. Trust the Old Soldier.

About Us

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From Our Blog

Waking Up to Reviews

Today I poked around Goodreads for the first time I can remember in a long time. Sometimes I log in and comment or talk to a friend, maybe vote on a bookreading quiz from a group, but today I looked at the Olivia's Field reviews. There were three reviews I didn't know...

Olivia’s Realm Episode 3

Olivia's pretty normal life comes to a halt when the field makes a grab for her in Episode 3. I love to hear from you! Tell me if you like Olivia!           Thank you so much for this picture of Olivia! She's beautiful.

Absorption and Exposure

Disclaimer. This is off the top of my head and not vetted. It's just what I'm thinking about i my ever rambling mind. Recently PBS Idea Channel did an episode called The Future of Fandom.  Go watch it. I’ll wait. The idea is that fandom will align with the fandom’s...

Olivia’s Realm Episode 2

Olivia wants to get out of her small town and into the world. She's got a plan.     It's that time again, a new episode of Olivia's Realm is released and the story continues. Olivia meets some new ... people. Are they friends?  

The Liebster Award

Thank you to Alison Strachan for nominating me for the Liebster Award. She's a fantasy writer who happens to want to make positive changes in the real world. Alison is such an up and comer that knowing she feels so highly as to recommend me, makes me feel amazing....

The Writing Process Blog Tour

Thanks to Heidi Garrett , the author of the Queen of the Realm of Faerie stories starting with Nandana's Mark and the Once Upon a Time Today Collection, for tagging me in the Writing Process  Blog Tour. Check out her stories, they are well worth the read. What am I...