Have you ever been dressed up for a party only to decide on the way that pizza and a movie might be a lot more fun and more the speed your brain can take? Well, that was 2012 for me. 2013 is a different matter. 2013 and I have plans. We’re gonna step out in high heels and fancy dresses, make a scene in a restaurant and sing at the top of our lungs on the way back to the car.

Olivia’s Realm is coming along nicely. There are a couple typos caught and yet to update in the Field, Olivia’s Army is ready for beta reading, and the final installment, Olivia’s Domain is well into writing. Olivia’s had a rough year, and things have to be getting better for her, right? Well, let me tell you…and I’m an optimist…things have to get better for Olivia. I’ll tell ya all about it this summer! Be ready! And if you have friends who like girl’s manga and  cute boys who give a girl space to be herself in an urban fantasy setting, Olivia might just be the read for you.

Scifi? What scifi? Good News, Everyone! HarperCollins Voyager announced that EVERYONE who submitted a manuscript in October will be hearing from their team. No more guessing? The other shoe? You think there’s another shoe about to drop? Well! While everyone’s going to be hearing back, the January 15 date is no longer firm. The longer it takes, though, the better your chances, as the manuscripts HCV is considering for their digital imprints are the ones who hear last. She who laughs last, laughs best. And she who cries last was really darn close to the finish line. Have heart!!

And on a final note, I submitted what I called “Fishing,” AKA “Jame’s Diary” a flash fiction piece to the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest.  Who knows if or when I’ll hear back, but it was a fascinating experience getting the diary out of the scifi, embellishing it to make sense out of context, and then sending the whole thing off to compete. Then re-reading it in the sober light of day and wishing I’d changed a few things, but that just means I’m always an editor. A good sign, right? Win or lose, it’s the experience that counts!

Oh, also, one of the rules of the WotF contest is that you publish no more than one novel to be a new writer, so I’m waiting eagerly to hear back form them. Can this little author who could become one of the semi-finalists? It’s too exciting! So hard to wait. Usually my projects are pretty short term, half a year or less. The experience of writing and going through publication paths has taught me to lengthen my timeline horizons.

If you’ve ever wanted to give writing a shot, do so! It’s so much fun. Then your frustrated that the characters don’t listen and you have to edit. then it’s fun again and you’ve created something that never existed before. Not a bad day’s work.